Frank Tweneboa: Chasing a Goal

This documentary is about a recent Pennsauken Graduate (Frank Tweneboa). The films creator (Domenick Candelieri) is also a Pennsauken native and volunteer for PTV. Both gentlemen are going places!


"Recycling Dreams" How recycling is done in Pennsauken.

See what happens to recyclable items after you put them in a single stream bin. Zero-Sort® Recycling (a Casella single stream program) makes it easier for residents and businesses to recycle, promoting greater participation in recycling by eliminating their need to sort materials.

FCR Recycling operates 23 recycling facilities and offers single stream processing in many cities, including FCR Camden in New Jersey and Blue Mountain Recycling in Philadelphia.

["Recycled Dreams" video created by FCR Recycling in Camden, NJ (a Casella company) and Creative Visual Images in Voorhees, NJ]

Expressions of a Man Concert and Book Signing

Author Theodore Goyins III, along with vocalist, Tejay Gilliam, presented a fusion of two arts. The reading was titled after Teddy's debut book. Taped and Edited by AAP editor Frank Sinatra.